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If you are taking some time off your busy schedule, book your flights to Baltimore, the amazing city of Maryland. It has everything you will look in your vacation city with great deals being offered by Spirit Airlines. Few of these cool places are mentioned here.
Visit the Cool City of the American Visionary Art Museum
This is a unique museum, where the artwork is done by farmers, postmen, the mentally ill, art is done in secretly gets in the display. The Baltimore's American Visionary Art Museum is for sure a refreshing for creativity and projects done here, and many will call it an 'art world' outside the regular art.

You sure should visit Giant Whirligig & Sculpture Plaza. Here, is the 55-foot tall central wind-powered sculpture created by Vollis Simpson, a 76-year-old farmer from North Carolina. He was the one who made his first whirligig to power a washing machine while he was in the South Pacific during World War II.

Enjoy a Great Time with George Peabody Library

The space created here at George Peabody Library is phenomenal. The library is owned by Johns Hopkins University, where studying seems monumental. Built-in 1878 by the order of philanthropist George Peabody, the library was originally part of an arts and culture institute – America's first music conservatory, which was created by him for all those beloved Baltimore. The Peabody Institute is still among the world's finest music schools, with a bunch of classical music's finest performers, teachers, and composers. Spirit Airlines Phone Number is here to assist you with all your flight issues.

The Book Thing of Baltimore is a cool place for all with Johns Hopkins Campus nearby. Here, a free boo shop is available where customers are not allowed to pay any money for anything on its shelves. The library came into its being in September 1999 by former bartender Russel Wattenberg after overhearing local teachers talking about an inability to provide their impoverished students some reading material. This is run absolutely by a staff of volunteers which has a wide stock of books and magazines, continually replenished through a system of in-person and mail-in donations, helped along by local city regulations against book donations, helped along by local city regulations against book donations to public libraries.
Check Out the Famous Bazaar of Baltimore

The Bazaar of Baltimore is packed into a small row house, the store features a variety of taxidermy specimens, antique medical devices, anatomical charts and models, props and costumes from the skull, air plants, secret societies, morning hair items, and bizarre artwork. Make most of your Spirit Airlines Online Booking with great deals available.

The unique store also produces its own line of diaphonized wet specimens, bone jewelry, and greeting cards. The store came into existence with the help of a former waiter and a photo lab tech, who simply wanted to share their interest. Trying to sum up the ever-growing and changing selection of items on offer in the shop is a fool's errand because it seems like there is cool and unique in every corner of the store. It sells doll-head planters, rare taxidermy, or kitschy fez's Bazaar also excels at another job.

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